Preparing a Translucent Screenshot with Status Magic

As of version 1.8, Status Magic now includes support for iOS 7 style status bars. As the status bars in iOS 7 are transparent this affects how you go about capturing screenshots ready for processing from your app. It is no longer possible just to overwrite the status bar area with a fully opaque new, perfect one as Status Magic can't tell what content was behind the original bar.

So, instead of capturing a regular screenshot from your app...

... you now need to capture a screenshot with the background of the status bar in place but without any of the text or icons.

Solution... Integrate the SDScreenshotCapture class

Luckily, there is an easy solution to this problem! By temporarily adding code into your app it is possible to capture a screenshot which excludes the iOS status bar but keeps in the underlying background.

We have provided an easy to use class which you can integrate into your project to allow screenshots which exclude the status bar to be easily taken. We suggest attaching the screenshot capturing code to a gesture on your window which is not otherwise used by your app but you can pick any method that works for your app to trigger the screenshot code.

Once you have screenshots captured by the SDScreenshotCapture class they can be imported into Status Magic for processing as normal.

If you have any issues, please contact support.