Release Notes


  • Bug Fix: Fixed crash when picking colours for the opaque background fill using the grayscale colour picker.
  • Bug Fix: Colour values can now be directly entered into the text boxes on the colour picker without dismissing the popover in Status Magic.


  • Added support for auto detecting whether the status bar for an iOS 7 screenshot should be light or dark content. Select "iOS 7 (Auto Detect Content)" to switch use this feature.
  • Added support for adding an opaque fill behind iOS 7 status bars. This won't look good if your app has blurred content behind the bar but for apps with flat/tinted status bars this should work well without having to capture screenshots with SDScreenshotCapture.
  • Bug Fix: Light content -> Dark Content & Dark Content -> Light Content. Oops...
  • Bug Fix: iOS 6 tinted status bars no longer render tinted on iPad screenshots, regardless of settings. The device does not support doing this and we match that now.


  • iOS 7 support. Status Magic now fully supports the look and feel of the new iOS 7 status bar.
  • Added support for showing a VPN connection on the status bar.
  • Added a single "Export" button overlaid on the selected screenshot.
  • Bug Fix: Made the control labels on the settings popover more consistent. (Removed the word "Display" before some options)
  • Bug Fix: Screenshots are now displayed in the correct order when multiple screenshots are opened at the same time.
  • Bug Fix: Screenshots can now be dragged on to the top half of the application window to open them as well as the bottom gallery area.
  • Bug Fix: When opening a screenshot it is automatically selected after being opened.
  • Bug Fix: Progress bar should no longer be displayed when reordering screenshots.


  • Added support for adding custom carrier text to exported screenshots.
  • Added support for translucent status bars, see the help page for more information on preparing screenshots for this feature.
  • Slight visual tweaks to exported screenshots to even more closely match iOS.
  • Added a Close All button to the status bar.


  • Added support for replacing the status bars for Non-Retina (1x) screenshots for iPhone 3.5 inch (320x480), iPhone 4 inch (320x568) and iPad (1024x768) which should make replacing status bars on marketing images or images intended for a web site much easier!
  • Added support for resizing Retina screenshots to Non-Retina (2x to 1x) as part of the export process.
  • Added support for importing a directory structure of screenshots. Useful if you already have all of your screenshots stored in an existing directory structure. This probably affects you if you have localized screenshots!
  • Added support for exporting files back to their original locations (overwriting the original files). Useful if you are working with lots of screenshots in a directory structure as mentioned above.
  • Paths for images displayed in the bar at the bottom of the window now show a tilde for any image under the users home directory.
  • Bug Fix: When exporting using generated file names Status Magic now distinguishes between iPhone 3.5 inch and iPhone 4 inch images in the file name.
  • Bug Fix: Custom time text no longer attempts to word wrap, oops!
  • Bug Fix: Reordering of screenshots in the lower panel now works again!


  • Initial public release


  • Not released to public (why?)

What Is Status Magic?

You've invested hundreds of hours crafting your iOS app to make it perfect in every way. Don't make a crucial mistake with the best marketing tool you have, your screenshots.

Status Magic is an application for Mac OS X which adds perfect status bars to your iOS App Store screenshots.

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