iOS Developer Training.

Our publicly scheduled iPhone and iPad developer training courses provide everything you need to get up and running with Objective-C and the iOS SDK.

The course provides a comprehensive grounding in iOS development and you will come away with the ability to build apps and a thorough understanding of the key concepts and techniques.

iOS developer training courses are fully updated for iOS 8 and Xcode 6

What will you learn?

The course is designed to take existing developers and bring them quickly up to speed with Objective-C and iOS development. You will learn:

  • How to build iOS applications for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.
  • Everything you need to know about Objective-C to develop iOS apps.
  • How to use Xcode, Interface Builder, Instruments and the iOS Simulator.
  • Techniques to build scalable apps using MVC (Model, View & Controller) techniques.
  • Detailed understanding of how the iOS SDK works, removing the "magic" from iOS development.
  • How to deploy your app to a real device and the provisioning process.
  • Full details on the submission process and essential tips to get your app into the app store.

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3rd November 2015 Leeds
15th December 2015 Leeds

Course Feedback

“The course was superb. Dave is an excellent instructor and knows his subject inside out. He is able to communicate well and to help one to one with students when needed. All in all a very worthwhile 4 days.”

Tony Denson

“The course provided me with an excellent base of knowledge for going forward with iPhone development. Dave was friendly and helpful; even after the course had ended. All in all the course was extremely enjoyable and challenging.”

Richard Keys

“I was nervous about learning a new language but following 4 days of great tuition, excellent demos/examples and very helpful one to one assistance whenever I needed it I wouldn't hesitate recommending this course.”

Robert Brown

Detailed Course Breakdown

All of our training materials (slides, tutorial documents and sample code) have been fully updated for Xcode 6 and iOS 8.

Day 1 is primarily focused on Objective-C and covers everything needed to start building iOS applications. The day covers basic Objective-C syntax and constructs, use of the Xcode IDE as a development tool, the Foundation framework, building Objective-C classes, properties and methods, debugging using Xcode and GDB, and a thorough explanation of memory management including full details of automatic reference counting (ARC).

Day 2 teaches the basics of iOS application development and then covers the details of views and view hierarchy, storyboarding, Interface Builder, view controllers and architecture techniques to ensure a scalable app, table views, navigation and navigation controllers.

Day 3 covers custom table cells, resources and image handling, animation, touch, some more advanced Objective-C, threading, multi-tasking as well as detailed information on polishing your app so that it looks, and more importantly performs the very best that it can using the Instruments profiling tool which is included with Xcode. Finally an in depth look at the development and deployment process, iTunes connect, the App Store and review process.

Day 4 gives students a specification for a simple, but full iOS application and the task for the day is to build it! This day introduces some new topics such as collection views, networking and communication with JSON web services but is also a good chance to recap over the topics already taught on previous days. This is an invaluable opportunity to build a real world application with an experienced developer as mentor.

Everything you need to learn!

We will provide for you a state of the art Mac pre-loaded with the latest developer tools. Lunches and refreshments are also included! All you need to bring is your brain!

About the Trainer

Dave Verwer

The course is designed by Dave Verwer, owner of Shiny Development and developer of several successful iPhone and iPad apps. Dave is primarily an iPhone and iPad developer, rather than a full-time trainer and so brings direct experience in designing, developing, shipping and marketing successful apps.

Course Prerequisites

To get the most out of this course all trainees should be proficient developers with a good knowledge of a modern, object oriented language such as Java, C#, Python, Ruby or C++.

No knowledge of Objective-C or the iPhone SDK is required.

All of our public training courses are subject to our public course terms and conditions.