iPhone OS Consultancy.

Managing the development of your iPhone application from idea to commercial reality can be a daunting task with many potential pitfalls along the way.

With several years experience developing and marketing iPhone, iTouch and Mac applications we can help you throughout the process.

Our Expertise

Here are some of the ways we have assisted clients:

Idea Development

  • Providing guidance on new iPhone ideas. For example, what’s technically feasible, choosing the best approach, competitor analysis etc…

Product Specification

  • Working with you to develop a full specification ready for implementation.

Project Management

  • Helping structure your project and ensuring it starts on the right foot.

Implementation and Testing

  • Acting as a knowledgeable resource to resolve complex technical issues.
  • Providing advice and guidance on a range of development issues throughout the project.
  • Providing quality assurance on the work produced by outsourced resources.

Product Launch

  • Giving advice and guidance on submission to the Apple app store and subsequent marketing techniques for promoting your product.


“As a leading provider of cross-platform email testing tools, we needed to enhance our software to allow clients to see how their emails would look on the iPhone. Being new to the platform, we relied on Shiny to give our in-house team the advice and guidance we needed to implement the functionality into our product. Their assistance was invaluable, greatly speeding up the process and helping us avoid numerous pitfalls along the way. Shiny went above and beyond the call to help us make sure the finished product was just right.”

Paul Farnell, CEO. Litmus

“Shiny Development worked with us when we needed to create a Mac version of one of our applications. I am very pleased to say that Shiny Development did an excellent job advising us on how best to implement our features so that the application would behave as a Mac user would expect. The project ran smoothly and by the numbers. We got exactly what we needed and received a very thorough handover of the implementation. Needless to say, I am a very happy customer, and I would not hesitate to work with Dave and Andrew again.”

Tim Hastings, Technical Architect. CTI Group