Charades for iPhone and iPad is the perfect companion to the classic party game.

Instead of struggling to think of a film, book or song simply push the lever and the curtain is raised on a fresh Charades challenge! Pass the phone around to each player and act it out for all to see.

Select the level of difficulty, choose whether you play against the clock then get miming! With over 1200 popular films, TV shows, songs, books and plays there's hours of entertainment for all the family.

Additional themed packs of Charades are available for In-App purchase covering favorite decades such as the 70's and 80's. There's even a kids pack! Each pack contains hundreds more topics to act out.

Want to research any of the charades you perform? No Problem! The game gives you instant access to the wikipedia entry for every charade. Perfect for sorting out arguments over when it was made or who sang it first!

What's new in this version?

  • iPad support!
  • iOS 6 and iPhone 5 support.
  • Sumptuous New 'Toy Theater' Graphics.
  • Game Timer option added.
  • In-App purchase packs now available - 80's, 70's and Kids Pack (8+ years).
  • Starter Pack expanded to include up to the minute popular films and songs. Now contains nearly 1300 charades!

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Charades requires iOS 5 or greater and is fully compatible with iOS 6 and the iPhone 5.


Charades! ★★★★★ Schuuu
Like all the best iPhone apps, Charades is a simple idea executed to perfection. So easy to use, and intuitively designed that even my technophobe family understood how to use if without being prompted. This app takes all the pressure out of coming up with something to mime, worth every penny.

Hilarious! ★★★★★ Calamity Kate
Charades is lovely and cute and brilliantly funny. The app is lovely to look at, simple to use and full of great Charades to act out. Brilliant for parties!