Speaking at the “iPad at the C.U.C.” event

It is always a pleasure to be asked to speak at an event and I have recently been asked to get involved and do a short talk at the “iPad at the C.U.C.” event being held in Liverpool this week.

I am going to be speaking on iPad application design so here is a sneak peek of the first slide in my presentation, and the theme of the talk:

Also speaking at the event are Katie Lips of Little World Gifts, Hayden Scott-Baron of Starfruit Games, Don McAllister of Screencasts Online, John McKerrell and Claire Rogers of Spinning Head Software. I am sure you will agree, this is a great list of local iPhone and iPad talent and I am proud to be a part of it.

If you would like to sign up to attend the event it is being held at the Contemporary Urban Centre, Liverpool on Wednesday 2nd June. Tickets are free, so sign up now!

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