More trainee apps on the App Store!

I absolutely love it when people who I have trained get apps released onto the app store, after all that’s what our training courses are all about at the end of the day! I love it even more when they write and let me know that their apps are live, I recently had two emails from people who have been on the training course bothboth giving me the great news that they had apps approved on the iTunes store.

English Garden Visits

Splash Broadcast are a video production and IPTV company who I recently trained across at their offices in south Manchester. They have now released their first app, English Garden Visits. It is a gorgeous set of videos of gardens across the North of England, a great companion if you are planning on visiting any of them!

ChessTutor Lite

Stephen Westland also emailed me just last week with the great news that he has also had his first app approved, ChessTutor Lite!

I have never seen anything like this before, the app contains several classic chess matches from grandmaster players and it places you in the position of playing the match. You choose which move to play next and the app scores your move against the move that was actually played in the game.

I absolutely love the idea for this app, I have never been particularly good at Chess so to be told I score 91% when being compared to Vasily Smyslov just made my day :)

Stephen is working on a paid version that includes more classic games.

If you have been on our training course and have had an app approved, please do let me know!

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