iPhone and iPad Design Links

Here is a quick list of a couple of sites I discovered recently, and a couple that I have been following for a while that are all fantastic ways to keep up with what is happening in iOS and Mac app design at the moment as well as being great sources of inspiration for your own apps.

  • Well Placed Pixels is a stream of beautiful UI from iOS apps. No commentary, just a screen cap and a link to the app. I also love the archive view which gives you a glance at a huge selection of gorgeous UI all at once.
  • Mac Apps That Rock is similar but for the Mac app store, still great to browse though.
  • iOS UI Patterns is slightly different and has categorised screencaps from iOS apps under categories like sign up forms, logins, sharing and lots more. Such a great way to take a look at how people are solving these common UI problems.
  • Mobile UI Patterns is more of the same but just as good.

Hat tip to Brent Simmons who introduced me to the last two sites recently. I don’t remember where I found out about the others from!

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