iPad Interface Design

I had the pleasure of speaking at the iPad at the CUC event last night in Liverpool and as promised am posting the slides here from my talk.

You can download the slides as a PDF file or if you prefer, view them on SlideShare.

I am not sure the slides make a whole lot of sense without the words that accompanied them (I am not sure they made a huge amount of sense with the words, come to think of it!) but hopefully they will provide some visual reminders if you attended the talk! I wish I could have talked for longer last night, there is so much more in the usability study that I referenced that and so many other apps I would have liked to showcase but there just wasn’t time in 20 minutes.

The two documents that I quoted in the talk are the iPad Human Interface Guidelines from Apple and the Nielsen Norman study on iPad Usability.

I would also recommend a couple of blogs if you are interested in this subject, Ignore the Code by Lukas Mathis which is an insightful look at all sorts of usability and interface problems, but quite often covers the iPhone and iPad and Well Placed Pixels which is simply a stream of gorgeous software for the iPhone and iPad, definitely worth a look.

Thanks to Pixel Lab and North West Vision & Media for organising the event and asking me to speak.

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