Build an iPhone app in 20 minutes

Back at BarCamp Leeds many months ago I gave my first iPhone talk and I decided to attempt to write a native iPhone app in 20 minutes. I really wanted to talk about iPhone development but I also wanted to let people know that it is not hard to get started so I really needed to be able to do “New Project” at the start of the session and with the exception of some copy/paste for the XML fetching code to show the end to end process of building a simple app. Anyway the session went pretty well and I have given it a few other places now like NSManchester, GeekUp Liverpool and NWMUG.

Anyway I never posted the source for it as I said I would many times and yesterday @hereinthehive asked for it, so here it is.

Bear in mind this is the result of a 20 minute coding demo primarily designed to demonstrate the absolute basics of a table view application to people who had never been exposed to Objective-C or iPhone development so the structure of the application is intentionally simplified and even the default cell optimisation code has been removed to keep the example simple.

With that said, have at it. Build an iPhone app in 20 minutes - Source Code (This code is released under a MIT license).

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