Being embarrased about shipping v1.0

A friend of mine tweeted a commonly quoted phrase tonight.

To which another friend replied.

I absolutely think that Apple are embarrassed about the v1.0 products they ship, in fact I think it is absolutely core to they way they approach building new products.

In my opinion, Apple take absolutely the right approach to this and when they do release a new product they are embarrassed about the right things and they compromise on features, not quality.

The original iPhone is a great example of this when it launched with no 3G networking, no native SDK, no copy/paste and many other things missing. The key point is that both the hardware and software that shipped with that first iPhone was extremely high quality (actually, I think my iPhone is less stable on iOS 4.x than it was on iOS 1.x) and polished. It would have been so easy to compromise on quality to sneak in a few more hardware or software features but they didn’t. This is how you should be embarrassed about your v1.0.

I have wanted to blog about this since I read Matt Mullenweg’s original article so thanks to Stuart and John for having the conversation that prompted me to do it!

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