Announcing our iPhone OS Developer Training Courses

In the two years since we did the last major update to our web site, Shiny has changed quite significantly. We seriously expanded our development efforts on the iPhone (and now iPad) platforms and we have had some great success with apps like Balloons! which, with almost 200,000 balloons launched hopefully brought a little joy to the world by connecting people all over the world.

We have also been expanding into delivering iPhone OS training courses over the last year. We initially licensed some training materials and partnered up with nti Leeds but we quickly moved to develop our own training materials and have been delivering the course ever since all across the north of England.

Manchester iPhone OS Development Training Courses

The big news is that we are now scheduling and running our own training courses which go on sale today! We are starting out by running two courses in Manchester scheduled for August and October. We have special pricing for freelancers and also early bird discounts at the moment so if you have been wanting to learn how to develop for the iPhone and iPad, now might be the time to do it!

Custom in-house iPhone OS Training

We have also been delivering our training for private companies who are looking to train their team up to get started with iPhone development. We have offered this service for a little while and have trained up several teams in private companies but the web site has now been updated with full details of what you can expect if you book us to deliver custom in-house training.

Exciting times!

What We Do

Interested in getting your team up to speed on iOS? Check out our in-house training course.

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