Launch your balloon in to the sky and see where it travels...

Choose a balloon, add a message and photo, then release it into the sky!

Scan the sky and catch the balloons of others. Add your own message tag and release them back into the air on their journey!

So long and thanks for all the balloons!

All good things must come to an end and unfortunately Balloons! was removed from the app store in March 2014 after being on sale for over 5 years. Thank you all so much for creating such a special experience for people playing the game by joining in with the fun.

What was Balloons!

Balloons! was a game of social serendipity. You may remember many years ago it was popular to release bunches of helium balloons each with a tag attached with the launcher's name, address and a message attached. Well, Balloons! was the eco-friendly version of that game with virtual helium balloons.

Launch balloons from wherever you are, attach your name, message and a photo as well. Send the balloon on it's way to fly around the world and check in occasionally to track its progress. Other people could then try and catch a balloon and if there was a balloon within range it could be caught and the messages and photos could be read. Then add your own message and send it back up into the sky to continue its journey.

Balloons! Blog Posts

Development of balloons presented some unique challenges that we never thought we would need to deal with in our software development careers. Here are some blog posts that you might find interesting about the development of this game:

Balloons! holds a very dear place in our hearts here but the time was right to close down the servers and remove it from the app store. RIP Balloons!


Love this game!!! :) ★★★★★ extinctive
This game is so addicting! I gave it to my friend, in 5 seconds she loved it! BUY THIS GAME! you will enjoy every second!

Ingenious! ★★★★★ Farnio
This has quickly become one of my favourite apps. It's facinating to see the messages and photos people are posting from around the world. I can't stop catching balloons! I'd go as far to say that it's the best $3 I've spent on the App Store. Wonderful concept, executed flawlessly. 5 stars!